Documents from the YNW Melly case have surfaced that show a witness for the prosecution believes the South Florida rapper tried to put a hit on his own mother.

On Sunday (June 26), court documents surfaced from an April 11, 2022 deposition conducted with Detective Danny Polo, referred to as the witness, in order to establish whether he believes YNW Melly is a member of a gang. In sworn testimony obtained by XXL, Polo, who has done searches of Melly's phone, says the information he obtained shows the rapper is guilty of multiple crimes including authorizing a hit on his mom, Jamie King.

Polo was asked by Melly's attorney, Stuart Adelstein, "Has, in your opinion, Melly authorized any communication for the commission of a crime?"

Polo responded, "Yes. If you read his phone, there’s narcotics trafficking, and firearms violations authorizing the killing of his mother. Those are the things that you would consider 'authorizing.'"

Shortly after news broke on the internet about the documents, YNW Melly and his mother responded to the allegations on Instagram. A post shared on Melly's Instagram Story shows an emoji of a mother feeding a baby and a heart along with the words, "Lies. False Agenda. Innocent."

YNW Melly's mother's Instagram account also appeared to call out the court report.

"This is pure desperation," she wrote on her Instagram Story along with baseball cap and crying laughing emojis.

Prior to the deposition, on April 4, video surfaced of YNW Melly calling his mother "crazy as fuck," saying she was dishonest about accusing his manager of taking money.

YNW Melly is facing a capitol trial for the 2018 killings of 20-year-old Chris Thomas aka YNW Juvy, and 21-year-old Anthony Williams aka YNW Sakchaser. Police say Melly shot his two former friends in cold blood and concocted a story with Henry Cortlen aka YNW Bortlen to tell police that Juvy and Sakchaser were shot in a drive-by. The victims were driven to a local hospital by Bortlen, who gave the story that they were shot by unknown assailants. Melly and Bortlen were arrested in February of 2019, and charged with the murders. Melly pleaded not guilty in March of that year and has maintained his innocence. He could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Melly's trial has been set for July 11.

YNW Melly's mother responds to claims he authorized hit


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