We all know The University of Alabama is the premier college football program of the decade. When you're number 1, people will start to copy everything you do.

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Leave it to little brother to be the copycat and completely steal this from Alabama. At first, I couldn't believe it, but after watching the video, I can see it really happened. This Georgia fan completely steals the lyrics to Dixieland Delight, which we all know is made famous and claimed by Alabama fans. We even gave you the study sheet for the secret Dixieland Delight lyrics here.

The video shows the Georgia fan singing Dixieland Delight and showing the added lyrics that are awfully similar to lyrics Alabama fans sing.

Spend my dollar (On beer)

Parked in holler 'neath the mountain moonlight (Go Dawgs)

Hold her uptight (Against the wall)

Mak a little lovin' (All night)

Little turtle-dovin on a Mason-Dixon night (%#** Auburn)

Fits my life (And LSU)

Oh so right (And Tennesee too)

My Dixieland Delight 

It didn't take long for college football fans to weigh in on this video.


The Tik Tok video has over 18,000 views and over 1,600 comments. Most of the comments are calling out Georgia fans for stealing everything from Alabama.

" Why does Georgia constantly copy Alabama? this has never been a song for the Dawgs. This is Bama's. Roll Tide."

I couldn't even imagine a stadium full of Georgia fans singing this song. It's so obvious they ripped it from Alabama. what else can you expect when they can't steal a championship, they take songs.

Here's a look at how the song is supposed to be sung. In a packed Bryant-Denny stadium, full of Alabama fans.

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