Young Thug has fired back at Pusha-T, continuing a back-and-forth between the two rappers that stems from a leaked Pop Smoke song on which Push subliminally disses Drake.

Thugger responded to Pusha-T's initial social media-released messages to him in an Instagram story on Tuesday night (July 7). Thug, among other things, questioned why Push would use a Pop Smoke song to sneak a diss at Drizzy. "First of all, your verse seven days," he began. "If you know what I mean. That muthafucka weak. Second of all, you already gotdamn, you already went crazy the first time, so, you ain't even gotta, ain't nothin' but a sucker going on double takes and triple takes and quadruple takes. You shoulda just got all of it out of on the first song, when you put the first song out."

"You just feel like you ain't gon' get enough views on your own shit so you came and put some bullshit on a nigga who's resting in peace's music," he continues. "Tryna fuck up a nigga whole vibe ’cause you feel this is the perfect platform. Thug, Gunna and Pop Smoke."

Thugger later added, "Why the fuck you ain't do that shit on your song? Do that shit on your own song, nigga. Niggas ain't jumpin' in no niggas business ’cause I don't give a fuck about what none of y'all got going on. We kill for real."

Thug is firing back at Pusha's IG story posts from Tuesday afternoon, in which he explained the details of the purported diss on "Paranoia."

"Aye @youngthug couple things: 1. Don't feel bad, nobody knew what the verse was about," he wrote. "The label heads that stopped it didn't even know. They only assume because he told them! The same way he told about the Ross "Mayback 6" verse. And if he'll tell record executive abt rap verses, God only knows what else he'll tell! I don't deal with police work. Police rappers or Police Niggas."

In following posts, King Push said, "2. @youngthug, you were the last verse added to the song that's only because you requested it. 3. And most important @young thug, just so we are clear...I would never look or need your respect for what it is I bring to this rap game."

This all comes after Young Thug said he doesn't respect Pusha-T's verse on the leaked record because neither he nor Gunna, who is also featured on the track, have anything to do with Pusha and Drake's feud.

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