The beef between Young Thug and French Montana isn't letting up.

On Wednesday (April 22), just hours after Thugger and French traded disses at each other on social media following the Atlanta rapper challenging Montana's claim that he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar, Thugger came back with receipts where he called Montana out via Instagram DM last year. "Boy I don’t even play like that, ain’t nun ’bout me hoe or sucka… and I’m with whatever u with my nigga," Young Thug said in the private message he wrote to French, which is dated from Aug. 10, 2019. "Don’t play with me like these rapper boys goofy ass nigga. And this shit ain’t even ’bout no hoe u can have the hoe, it’s ’bout my face card buster. U tripping dog.”

The DM, however, didn't stop there. "Watch cha mouth fuck nigga," the message continued. "Ya mama a hoe. U know what I’m with pussy. It can go whereva u want it to go Lil nigga, y’all busters no what’s up. It’s up with me.”

The back-and-forth between Young Thug and French Montana escalated after Montana expressed that he can go "neck to neck" with Kendrick in an IG Live battle on Tuesday (April 21). Then, French listed 20 of hit records on Instagram, offering a refresher of his catalog.

Thugger hopped on Instagram afterwards, challenging Montana's claim about having more hit songs than K-Dot. This exchange ignited the dissing spree, which went from Young Thug claiming French has a fake Bugatti and that he was "knocked out" on video, to Montana thanking Thug for wearing a skirt in his "No Stylist" video.

Is there more to come? We'll have to wait and see.

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