1051 The Block Certified Weekend: Cardi B

This weekend is Cardi B's birthday and we're doing something special to celebrate her. We're giving you access to all of Cardi's hits all weekend long!

This weekend, it's officially a Cardi B certified weekend. That means you have access to all of Cardi's top hits. We'll be dropping hit after hit all weekend long on 1051 The Block!

On October 11th, Cardi B will be turning 28 years old. She's accomplished so much at such a young age. Starting on reality television, Cardi was always a star. Many thought she'd be a short-lived star and even doubted her musical career. I know that so many reality tv stars try to crossover into the music scene and it doesn't work or is short-lived.

Her first major single was  Bodak Yellow back in 2017 and it took over every radio station and streaming platform. The single even went 9x platinum! With only one album released, Cardi B appears on a lot of hits with major artists like Bruno Mars, The Migos, Nicki Minaj(before the drama), and more!

We're playing all those Cardi B hits you love all weekend long. Cardi has been through a lot since her rise to fame in the music industry. From new relationships, beefs, haters, and most recent divorce. It's only right we celebrate Cardi B's birthday by giving you access to all of her hits. It's going down this weekend on 1051 The Block!

Let me know what Cardi B hits you want to hear. Shoot us a message on Instagram @1051TheBlock. 

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