There are many wonderful families in Alabama. I believe West Alabama caters to many families. Tie in the love for Alabama sports, green spaces, and attractions locally and not too far away, Alabama is a great place to call home.

Google Maps | Getty | Canva | Mary K, Townsquare Media
Google Maps | Getty | Canva | Mary K, Townsquare Media

I’m excited that Niche has ranked the best cities in Alabama to raise a family. I’ve lived in two of the cities that have made it into the top 25. They take consider many different factors that mean something to a family.

Does Tuscaloosa make this list?????????

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The Niche study used the “quality of local schools, safety, affordability, and access to family amenities, in an attempt to measure the appeal of an area for families” to rank the cities.

Do you agree with this list? What city is missing?

(Source) Click here for more information about Niche.

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