So after witnessing the University of Texas take down the Alabama Crimson Tide, I initially wanted to stay off of social media, but I couldn't resist.

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I said I wouldn't open Facebook but gave in and one of the first things I saw was someone saying that UCF may not be may not be a bad opponent for the Crimson Tide.

UCF v Boise State
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As a Flordia boy, I never thought I'd hear UCF in the same conversation as Alabama.

Usually, I brush it off, but seeing how UCF took down Boise State, made me think it could be a good game.


Another opponent that could be worthy University of Alabama this year after the first two games it seems is the University of Colorado.

Colorado Football Spring Game
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To know that a year ago they only won one game to a convincing win over the National Champion runner-ups has my mind wandering.

Maybe a game against the University of Colorado might not be a bad idea.

What about Florida State University?

LSU v Florida State
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Many would say FSU could be a great opponent for the Tide.

A few other schools I've heard people toss around in that conversation are the University of Miami and USC.

Time will tell how the Crimson Tide will do this season but this loss to Texas has everyone talking and many doubting the talent and ability we may or may not have.

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