The Instax Mini 90 is Fuiji Film's instant camera. It's fresh; it's fun, and it's the coolest Christmas gift I received last year. Here are four reasons why you need an Instax Mini 90 in your life right now.

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1. You have a physical memento of your special occasions.

Almost everything is digital today, so having an analog photo is something out of the norm. It's so much fun to flip through holiday photos or pictures that you snapped at a party. I love having a physical copy of a photo to hold in my hand.

2. You can get creative your photos.

The Instax Mini 90 allows you to take double exposures--you can layer one image directly on top of another. You can take closeup shots and lighten and brighten your pics to really make them your own.

3. You can learn what it takes to shoot a great photo.

Using a digital camera or taking a pic on your phone is easy. You don't have to account for lighting, exposure time, or your focus, so playing around with the Instax Mini90's varied settings teaches you valuable lessons about the art of photography.

Fuji Film via Instax
Fuji Film via Instax

4. You'll love how COOL it looks.

I mean, just stare at the Instax Mini90. It looks like a vintage camera. I really love that it's a conversation piece in addition to a physical camera.

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