In Texas, there has been a huge uprising in opinion about a recent law that's been passed. The law deals with abortion rights. It made me wonder about Alabama.

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According to CNN, a Texas law prohibits abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is often before a woman knows she is pregnant. There is no exception for rape or incest, although there is an exemption for "medical emergencies."

That's not all. CNN also states that the law can be enforced by private citizens anywhere in the country. They have the power to bring a civil suit against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the law.

All of this Texas abortion law talk made me interested in learning about Alabama's abortion laws. Specifically when it comes to young people.  Since living in Alabama, I haven't had a chance to learn about them.

Here are 5 facts about Alabama abortion laws involving young people according to Pro-Choice America. 

5 Quick Facts About Alabama Abortion Laws Involving Young People

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