There is no time of year better than football season.  We can watch football multiple times a week including Monday nights. Tonight's NFL game could be a historic one if former Crimson Tide player Derrick Henry executes one of his famous stiff arms.

Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans will face off against the Buffalo Bills in a Monday night game set for 8:15 PM ET. Here are 8 reasons why we could likely see one of Henry's famous stiff arms in tonight's game.

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The last time the Titans played the Bills, Derrick Henry's stiff arm on Josh Norman was said to be one of the best five-yard runs in NFL history. that stiff arm was nasty!


The Buffalo Bills are doing great this season and they're considered to be one of the best teams in the AFC. With a record of 4-1, the Bills will come into this game ready to be 5-1. This is also a home game for King Henry and the last time he delivered that nasty stiff arm to the Bills was at home.

One of the most obvious reasons we could see a huge stiff arm tonight is King Henry has been in the gym. As if he needed a reason to become stronger. He's looking stronger than he was last season.


Josh Norman is no longer on the Buffalo Bills. That means King Henry could be extra eager to search for a new victim on the Bills for his famous stiff-arm tonight.


This is a selfish reason, but I have Derrick Henry on my NFL Fantasy roster. for that reason alone, I'm praying for big numbers tonight and a huge stiff arm.


Derrick Henry isn't the only former Crimson Tide superstar on the Tennesee Titans. Julio Jones is a new addition to the team and that means more options for the Titan's offense. Whenever you have more options, a lot of times it means that explosive runs can happen in the game.


If I were a betting man, I'd lean toward there being a hug stiff arm from King Henry. We know he's going to get major yards and touchdowns, but that stiff arm is what we really want to see. the major question is, who will be his next victim?


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