Grab your 90's outfits and head over to Super Skate for a 90s skate party.

Get your bucket hats, overalls, and windbreakers, and meet Five Horizons at Super Skate on February 1st.

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The skate party starts at 7p and is free for everyone until 9p. The event features a prize for the best '90s outfit, and free drinks all night long.

Five Horizons is doing this 90's skate night in honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

According to the HIV.Gov, February 7 is National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD), which was first observed in 1999. NBHAAD is planned by the Strategic Leadership Council each year. This observance is a day to acknowledge how HIV disproportionately affects Black people.

Believe it or not, there is a stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

The CDC describes HIV stigma as negative attitudes and beliefs about people with HIV. It is the prejudice that comes with labeling an individual as part of a group that is believed to be socially unacceptable.

No one should be ashamed or made to feel negative about their status.

First, you must know your status so that you can take the proper steps if needed.

There is only one way to know if you're HIV positive and that's getting tested.

Symptoms differ with everyone. Some people have flu-like symptoms when infected with HIV within 2 to 4 weeks after infection. Symptoms may last for a few days or several weeks according to the CDC.

Others show no symptoms at all and they could still be infected.


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