Earlier this year, some of the hottest hip hop & r&b artists from the early 2000's came together for the Millennium Tour and it was a huge hit! This week Omarion dropped news of a second millennium tour coming in 2020 and fans are too hyped!

I couldn't help but notice that the tour line up only features men of the early 2000's. It made me wonder what the tour would look like with all women on the line up. This is who I think would be perfect for the tour.



There's no denying Ciara's hits in the early 2000's. Her first single "Goodies" topped the charts and she didn't disappoint with the follow up songs "1 2 Step" & "Oh" featuring Ludacris. She's still putting out music today and can still dance like back in the day!



Her first single "Foolish" made her a household name back in 2002 and the follow up singles "Baby" & "Happy" soared to the top of the charts. You know if she's on the tour she'd bring out Ja Rule for all their songs since she was the first lady of Murda Inc. Records.



Although Mya didn't have as many hits as Ashanti or Ciara, I'd still like to see her rock a stage with the hits she has. I know she'll bring a different element to the tour.


What women from the early 2000's would you like to see on tour?


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