I don’t ever remember my life without music. Even though my parents were deaf, music was a constant in my house. The more bass, the better; my parents could feel the groove line. Everyone thought I had the “cool” parents, and I did for sure.

As a true 70s baby, we had one of the wood-incased sound systems. It had a radio, 8-track, and record player. Don’t tell anyone, but I would close the lid and tap dance on the top. Of course, the radio was tuned into the local hip-hop and r&b station.

Classic Hip Hop makes my soul happy.

My love for 80s Classic Hip Hop runs deep. The first cassette I bought was LL Cool J’s, "Radio". I was 14. Put on “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” and see what happens.

I’m about to trip you out now. My world changed when I got Sony CD Walkman. My first compact disc (CD) was LL Cool J’s “Bigger and Deffer.” My workout playlist still consists of “Go Cut Creator Go.”

Do you feel a theme coming on?

I love LL Cool J. I should. I’ve had the honor to interview him over 10 times.

Amazingly, my very first celebrity interview would take place with LL Cool J. It all happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, at the Yo! MTV Raps Spring Break sound stage in 1992. My hands were shaking.

What’s your favorite classic 80s hip-hop song? Would you please send me a message on the free WTUG app? I’ll be sure to play it for you.

Here are some classic hip hop joints from A to Z by song title that mean something to me.  I hope these songs stir your happiness.

80s Classic Hip Hop Joints from A to Z

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