Something I think we all do when we're bored or just wasting time is mindlessly scrolling social media. I never expected to see this clip online!

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In today's cancel culture, so many people are falling victim to old tweets, old videos, and old comments made on public platforms. We can argue all day about people deserving to be canceled or punished for old comments but what about current comments? Should you lose your job due to comments you've made?

On social media, I came across a shocking video of a city councilman using a racial slur during a meeting. An Instagram account by the name of Polialert posted a video with the caption, "The Alabama Democratic Party is calling for the resignation of Tarrant City Council Member, John “Tommy” Bryant after he stood up and loudly asked, 'Do we have a house n***er in here?' during a city council meeting, referring to a Black city council member, Veronica Freeman."

Like many in that room, I was shocked to hear those words come out of John Bryant's mouth. Absolutely shocked!


I can't even think of one situation where this behavior or language is ok. He has to know the history of that word and that phrase. Why would he think it would be ok to say that?

People are calling for him to resign and I agree. I don't think he should have that position after using that language toward a black woman or anyone else. It's really shocking that this happened in Alabama.

What are your thoughts after watching this video?

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