In 2022, it's sad that negative feelings toward a group of people exist strictly based on their skin color or culture.

In Alabama, we recently voted on slavery in this year's election. as if that wasn't bad enough, an Alabama Councilman known for making racist remarks has been arrested for what some are calling a race-fueled attack.

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Back in 2021, an Alabama Councilman by the name of Tommy Bryant made headlines all over.

It wasn't because of some groundbreaking policy created to benefit the people of Tarrant, but for remarks made during a Tarrant, Alabama city council meeting.

In a video clip of the meeting, Tommy Bryant can be heard making racist remarks.

Warning, language used in this video may be considered offensive to some.


One year after that unfortunate situation, Tommy Bryant is once again making headlines. This time it's due to an arrest.

According to the NY Post, Tommy Bryant has been arrested for punching the Mayor of Tarrant, Alabama.

The NY Post states that the incident occurred after a heated meeting where Byant called for Mayor Wayman Newton to resign.

In the video, you can see Mayor Wayman Newton and Tommy Bryant talking in a parking lot near a vehicle.

The video shows Bryant keeping his distance initially and all seemed to be well until you see Bryant take a few steps toward Newton then he throws a punch.


According to a tweet by Mayon Newton, the punch stemmed fro ma situation that happened back in 2021.

In a tweet, Newton said, "In March of 2021 I terminated our former fire chief for pulling a gun on a black realtor in Georgia and that infuriated the old guard in Tarrant, AL. Tommy Bryant punched me because he wasn't able to reinstate the former fire chief."

According to the NY Post, Bryant was charged with harassment.

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