Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law SB 46, making medical marijuana legal in Alabama.

This bill serves as the beginning of a “productive, safe & responsible operation…” according to a tweet published by Ivey Monday.

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The bill was first introduced by State Sen. Tim Melson (R-Florence) last year. It will allow Alabama residents who qualify to both register and obtain a legal cannabis card, subject to a doctor’s approval.

However, it is unclear what ailments and conditions will qualify patients. In other areas of the United States, medical marijuana is often used to ease the pain and suffering of cancer and HIV patients, as well as curb symptoms of epilepsy and other agitative diseases and disorders.

This bill has failed in legislation twice before, making its passing unprecedented in Alabama's political history. This version of the bill passed in the Senate Committee earlier this year.

As this new bill comes into effect, so will the Medical Cannabis Commission. Their job will be to facilitate and monitor marijuana production, gaining a clearer idea of how marijuana is made.

While the bill was frequently met with opposition by members of local lawmakers, Ivey's constituents seem to be pleased with her decision. The governor's Twitter followers flooded her announcement with words of excitement and gratitude.

We will provide more updates to this process as they become available. Stay connected right here.

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