January 6, 2021. It was a day we will not be allowed to forget.

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Mo Brooks was on stage, the same stage then President Trump would speak from, telling the crowd the 2020 election had been stolen.

He had strong words for the crowd that day. The same crowd that would see SOME actually enter the Capitol Complex.

Mo, called the top-rated Steve & DC radio show in Tuscaloosa (WFFN-FM 95.3 THE BEAR), yesterday to urge voters to pick him over Katie Britt. That was the main point.

However, when asked about the subpoena he reportedly had been served by the January 6th Commission, he acted like it never happened.

Brooks flat-out said it wasn't true.

You can hear it directly from his mouth below:

He also announced the challenge for Katie Britt to debate only two questions. A debate that Brooks believes will never happen because Britt is "not going to debate me and risk truth being told."

The reason, I believe, is that Katie Britt has the lead right now in the polls.

The lead is pretty big (15-20 points in most) and why would she risk a debate? The only thing that can happen for her is... nothing, if it goes well, or Mo Brooks takes a bite out of her lead if it does not go well.

Way too risky in my view.

Mo Brooks also addressed the Trump endorsement/non-endorsement.

And contrary to many reports in the media, I never heard him "beg" for Trump to give his endorsement back to him.

Brooks did say that he found it interesting that Donald Trump has never endorsed Katie Britt. He claimed it is due to the things she "truly" stands for, and Trump doesn't agree with her core beliefs.

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