The 'Fire Pete Golding' chants have grown louder in the past few weeks. The loss to Texas A&M has exasperated the situation. Many Tide fans now wonder how the defense will play the rest of the season.

But the shirts are a new part of the Alabama fandom. Ryan Fowler of The Game on 100.9 welcomed the creator of the shirts, Former Alabama player Marvin Constant to the program. He discussed the coaching style of Pete Golding, and how the defense is trending along into the fourth game of the SEC season.

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Talking about Pete Golding, Marvin elaborated on his qualms with the Defensive Coordinator.

"First and foremost I have zero issues with Pete as a person," Marvin elaborated: "My problem comes in when you start talking about X's and O's and my beloved Alabama and the performance we are putting out."

Continuing on, Constant talked about how Pete's troubles have been hidden, mainly thanks to the other side of the ball.

"A lot of his mistakes have been covered up the past few years because our offensive coordinators have scored so many points." Marvin continued: "Everyone often says if you score 21 points, you should win the game, and almost half of his games he's given up over 21 points. That is not the norm."

Former player's reactions to losses also came up in conversation, and Marvin talked about what he hears.

"When we lose I guarantee you my phone rings, and I get more text messages than the majority of these people would ever even dream about." Constant talked further: "It's not that I'm being critical of the program, I'm being critical of what's being put on the field defensively."

To read more about shirts, click here to see the original article. And to hear more from The Game on Tide 100.9, check out their Soundcloud.

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