Alabama fans will always have an opinion on the way the Crimson Tide football program is being run, but recently assistant coaches have been a controversial topic. Offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and defensive coordinator Pete Golding have been in the hot seat especially after Alabama’s unexpected loss to Texas A&M.

For both coaches, the subject of contentious debate is their play calling and all-around lack of productiveness. In coach Nick Saban’s press conference on Monday, he expressed a sense of validation for criticism after being asked what fans and media misunderstand when they criticize the coordinators.

“I think getting criticized is kind of a part of the game,” said Saban, “I'm not sure anybody gets it wrong. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. There is obviously more than one way to skin a cat.”

Although Saban is an infamous perfectionist he admits that perfection will never actually be attainable. He leaves us on the note that himself and the other coaches are their own biggest critics. Among other things, fans can have their trouble-free opinions on the coordinators' decisions, but they do not have to deal with the consequences of these decisions.

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“The thing that no one has to deal with -- that has an opinion is the consequences,” Saban said. “You know, we have to deal with the consequences of the decisions and choices that we make. And when we make good ones -- when they work -- they're usually good ones and you know, when they don't work, they're not good ones. That’s just part of the game”

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