Are you looking for something to do this Halloween weekend but don’t want to do the trick-or-treating or costumes? Why not try a Haunted Hike. You could experience thrills and get your steps in on one of the spooky strolls.

If you seem to enjoy things that go “boom” in the night, you will love these haunted hikes. Who knows, you might see a ghost, goblin, witch, or even a vampire. All I know is you will most definitely get a chill up your spine.

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I always suggest downloading the map before you go with any hikes because you don’t know how cell phone service will be during your hike. Plus, always check the weather.

Blue Mountain Shelter on the Pinhoti Trail

This is a three-sided shelter where hikers take refuge. According to Travel Awaits, at night, the “forest turns into an eerie darkness, an incessant scratching on the shelter’s walls can be heard. It’s the sound of mice trying to get into your backpack and your stash of food, right? Look around. There are no animals to be seen.”  Click here for more from Travel Awaits.

Fort Morgan Historic Site

This spot is pretty close to Gulf Shores. You can check out the historical sites, which are within a 2-mile walking spread. Because of Fort Morgan’s role in the Civil War, the belief is that you can still hear the screams of fallen soldiers. According to Alabama Living, ghosts and spirits wander on the grounds. Also, “there have been many sightings over the years. The old barracks are said to be one of the most haunted portions of the fort.” Click here for more from Alabama Living.

Nancy’s Mountain

You guessed it. This haunted story includes a woman named Nancy and her family that lived on this mountain. There is nothing to over the top about this trail but a nice walk off the banks of the Alabama River in Franklin. However, what is intriguing is the spooky encounters that happen.

It’s a story going back to when Nancy’s son left for the Civil War. Nancy would walk to the river every day to see if her son was back. Then her husband went looking for the son. The husband was found frozen to death near a grave of an unknown soldier. Then Nancy vanished.

According to Roots Rated, “on several occasions, campers on the mountain were seen running for their lives because they had seen a woman dressed in period clothing "floating" down the trail with a lantern in her hand.” Click here for more from Roots Rated.

Tuskegee National Forest

Who knew that the Tuskegee National Forest had a haunted past? Not me. File this under, learn something new every day. There have been tons of paranormal experiences in this forest. Even Sasquatch or Bigfoot sightings, also hikers have said they hear strange sounds.

According to Travel Awaits, “devil worshippers once used an old house in the forest for bizarre meetings and ceremonies. In the early 1990s, the local sheriff’s office raided the house and property. Today, hikers have reported hearing strange voices in the woods, perhaps those of the purported ceremony victims?” Click here for more from Travel Awaits.

Enjoy your hikes. Let me know how they go.

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