Alabama High Schoolers Can Make Money through Stillman Program

Is your high schooler thinking of getting a summer job? They may want to enter this West Alabama program instead.

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This summer, Stillman College is offering an Upward Bound program to area high schoolers. I know growing up, I always heard of these programs but never knew what they did. The goal is pretty much to give high school students a better opportunity at attending college. Specifically, the program focuses on students who come from low-income families and underrepresented schools.

This week Tasha Washington was on the Big Dawg DreDay Show, speaking about Stillman's Upward Bound summer program. The program prepares students to go to college with a "mix of academic enrichment and personal development" activities, Tasha told me.

They will receive information on career placement, financial aid, counseling, college admissions and more. I know firsthand how financial aid information can be key when discussing college. Thank God for my band scholarship and other assistance!

If you're wondering if your high schooler is eligible to join the program, of course, Tasha had the answers. Any Tuscaloosa City Schools, Hillcrest, Holt, Greene County Public Schools, & Aliceville students in grades 8-12th may enter the program.

Did you know students can get paid being in the program?! During the interview, Tasha let me know that not only will students learn about college prep, have fun with planned events like comedy shows and paint and sip nights as well as get paid this summer.

Why wouldn't you want to join this program? There are only 20 slots left for this summer's program so make sure you hurry and register. You can reach out to Tasha Washington by sending an email to

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