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Extra money in your pocket is always a good thing!

Especially when you can have fun doing it.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a news conference where he discussed the extremely dangerous population of pythons in the area.

rrFWC photo by Avery Bristol
rrFWC photo by Avery Bristol

DeSantis said "These pythons are a threat to the Everglades. They prey on mammals, birds, other reptiles,"

Florida Python Challenge Logo 2022

The governor announced the 2022 Florida Python Challenge.

The Florida Python Challenge will take place from August 5 thru August 14.  A total of 223 pythons were caught or killed last year.

There will be cash prizes for the winners. Categories will include most pythons caught and longest python caught.

Military veterans who participate will receive bonus prize money. OORAH!

A Marine stands in his dress blue uniform

Alabama residents let's get it.

How nice would it be to go down to Florida and show them what real hunters are all about?

We all hate snakes but I could get over that very quickly if it meant putting some money in my pocket and beating the crazy Floridians at their own game.

Florida Python Challenge® Competition Rules

Prior to registration, participants must complete the Required Online Training, read and understand all rules, and pass the quiz with a score of at least 85%. Every participant must follow all general rules and area regulations specific to the property where the participant is removing pythons. Florida Python Challenge® rules are designed to align with area regulations and to ensure the safety of each participant as well as the environmental resources of the participating public lands.

Those who want to participate or find out more information can visit this website.

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