Softball season is right around the corner!

Head coach Patrick Murphy and his team are starting off their season ranked No. 8 in the NFCA preseason poll.

The last time that the Tide was ranked No. 8 in the preseason, Murphy and his team went on to win the 2012 National Championship defeating Oklahoma with a score of 5-4.

This is a good sign.


Because not only are they ranked No. 8 in the NFCA preseason poll, but they are also No. 8 in the D1 Softball and USA Softball polls.

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Before COVID-19 ended their season abruptly, the Tide went 14-8 and ended at No.10 in the NFCA final rankings.

Because of COVID-19, the NCAA allowed seniors from the 2020 season to be eligible to play for an extra year, should they choose to do so.

Thankfully for Murphy all seven seniors from the 2020 season are returning. Many of whom played a big part in last year’s shortened season.

With the seniors returning and the Tide being ranked No. 8 in three preseason polls this is looking like a good sign for Murphy and his team.

Alabama Softball tweeted, “It’s been good to us before…” referencing their preseason ranking of No. 8 in the NFCA preseason poll.

The Tide begins its season with the Texas Classic on Feb. 12-14 in Austin, Texas.

Murphy and his team will face Colorado State, No. 6 Texas and finish up with No. 3 Arizona.

Playing No. 6 and No. 3 are going to be statement games heading into the Tide's 2021 season.

They will also face No. 5 LSU, No. 7 Florida and No. 9 Louisiana later in the season.

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