Alabama Woman Charged "Cursing Fee" By Towing Company 

Parents often tell their kids about having a potty mouth while growing up. Who knew it could lead to being fined.

 Let's imagine you just came from a great day at the beach. The Gulf Shores waves were perfect, the sun was shining and you got a nice tan. You come back to find your vehicle and you notice it's being towed! Oh No!

I can't lie, if I come back to see my car being towed, I'm shouting, running towards my car, and most likely cursing up a storm! Lol! Apparently, an Alabama tow company has fined people in the past for cursing.

According to the LA Times,  back in 2013, A Huntsville, Ala., woman says she was on the receiving end of just such a fine when she recently parked in a spot that she says she did not know was illegal. “I take full responsibility for that,” the motorist, Mahogony Grandison, says. She also says she was fully prepared to pony up the $200 to retrieve her vehicle from the impound lot, only to find that the bill came to $350.

Could you imagine being fined a whole $150 for cursing?! I'd honestly curse more once I saw the bill for cursing.

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 Apparently, the owner Daniel Bradford said Grandison’s language and behavior crossed a line. “She was threatening, cussing, saying she was going to do this and do that.” I can't be too mad at the owner. when you own a business, you have the right to do what you feel. I'd still be upset at a fine for cursing.

(Source) To read the full story in the LA Times, click here. 

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