It's looking like two women will be charged with murder after the remains of an Alabama woman were found at a national park.

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It's scary to think that things like this could even happen in Alabama, let alone at a public place like this well attended location.

According to Fox News, a 45-year-old Fort Payne resident was recently arrested in Dekalb County by a tactical team.

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It's not everyday that those kind of personnel are brought out to arrest someone so it must have been serious. 45-year-old Loretta Carr is being charged with the murder of Mary Elizabeth Isbell along with a second suspect, Jessie Eden Kelly, who was arrested in Pennsylvania according to Fox News. 

Sadly, the two are accused of shoving Mary Elizabeth Isbell off a cliff at Little River Canyon National Park after kidnapping her.

News Nation Now reports that Isbell was reported missing in November 2021  by her ex-husband. Fox News says that he made the report after she didn't wish their teenage son a Merry Christmas.

This is an overall sad situation.

Dangerous trail in Zion National Park, Angel's landing

This woman will no longer get to enjoy her family or life in general, allegedly, due to the actions of two women.

All thanks to a tip by Isbell's ex-husband, police were able to follow up on her whereabouts.

You never know when a simple tip could lead to a huge breakthrough in a case.

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If you think you have seen a missing person or have any information, contact the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Center for Missing and Exploited Children directly at (800) 228-7688.

Their business hours are 8:00am cst - 5:00pm cst, Monday - Friday.

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