Alabama residents could qualify for a payday as a result of this settlement.
A well known company that allows people to submit their taxes has been named in a class action lawsuit.
Intuit, the company behind the popular tax preparation software TurboTax, has agreed to a $141 million settlement with a coalition of state attorneys general. The settlement is meant to compensate TurboTax customers who were deceived into paying for tax preparation services that should have been free for them.
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The issue at hand is related to the IRS Free File Program, which allows eligible taxpayers to prepare and file their federal tax returns for free using software provided by participating companies. Intuit is one of the companies that participates in the program and offers its own free filing option through TurboTax.

According to the attorneys general, Intuit allegedly engaged in a scheme to steer customers away from the free filing option and towards paid products. Specifically, the company allegedly used deceptive marketing tactics to make it appear as though the free option was not available or was not the best option for certain customers. As a result, some customers ended up paying for services that they could have received for free.

Under the terms of the settlement, TurboTax customers who were affected by this scheme may be eligible for a monetary payment. Customers who used TurboTax in Tax Years 2016, 2017, or 2018 and meet certain eligibility criteria may receive a payment without needing to take any further action. The payment amount will be determined by the settlement fund administrator and will be communicated to eligible customers via email.


To qualify for a payment, a customer must have been eligible to use an Intuit IRS Free File Product, begun their tax returns using a TurboTax Free Edition Product, been informed that they were ineligible to use the free product, subsequently paid to use a TurboTax Paid Product, and not have used the Intuit IRS Free File Product in a previous tax year.

It's worth noting that not all TurboTax customers are eligible for a payment under the settlement. Only customers who meet the specific eligibility criteria outlined above will receive a payment. Additionally, customers who used TurboTax in Tax Years other than 2016, 2017, or 2018 are not covered by the settlement.

Find out more about this settlement and if you qualify by clicking here. 

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