Saturday, September 24th Shelton State Community College, Spades Restaurant, The Tuscaloosa Branch of the NAACP and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa will participate in a Stop Gun The Violence Rally at Snow Hinton Park.

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The rally was initiated by mothers affected by gun violence in West Alabama.

"I want to reach out to the parents in letting them know they're not alone with this devastating pain that's within us. I want them to know we need each other to lean on," said Lolita Richey.

Richey played an important part in making sure the rally takes place after she lost her son to gun violence.

"I hurt all the time, I really hate to think of others going through this painful situation that we can't fix but together we can understand each other's pain and hear our cries in making a difference in each other's life."

When asked why she felt the need to make this event happen in Tuscaloosa Richey said, "GOD gave me this vision to carry out."

The rally is free and open to the public. Anyone who has been impacted by gun violence directly or indirectly is invited to lend their voice at Snow Hinton Park on the 24th to this worthy cause.

"I want the community to know due to our (the parents') loss we are still experiencing a great deal of pain in knowing it's not over for us," Richey said.

The Stop The Gun Violence will begin at noon Saturday, September 24th, and end at 2p.

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page here. 

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