Sun Dec. 8th Lizzo attended a Los Angeles Lakers game and had a ball! While sitting court side, the Laker Cheerleaders danced to her song "Juice" and all of a sudden, Lizzo was seen twerking on the jumbo-tron in a cut-out thong dress. The crowd went wild!

Since her video has went viral, many have took to social media to voice their opinion on her outfit at the game. Some are claiming people are body shaming Lizzo, and other are saying the reaction would be no different if it were Rihanna, Beyonce', or Megan Thee Stallion wearing that outfit to a Lakers game. Lizzo recently took to her Instagram to discuss her thoughts on the recent backlash.



I personally don't think Cardi B or Meg Thee Stallion would go to a family event with her whole a** out but that's just me. I do think to some degree the public is reacting this way because of Lizzo's body type but it's mostly because of the event and it was truly the wrong tme for the outfit.


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