Whenever I have a problem I come to the people who know more than me. Since I grew up in Florida, I'm thinking this situation may just be an Alabama issue.

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So after almost 2 years in Alabama, I've learned a few things.  Alabama sports are top-notch, there's good food in Alabama and horrible food. I've also learned that certain house pests are common.

I remember my first summer staying here, I kept finding these beetles near my door at home. I was thinking, maybe it's just the season these beetles come out and I probably left the door open for them to come in. After a few weeks, I made sure the door wasn't open long, and we had all of the windows closed and doors sealed. The beetles just kept popping up.

fast forward a whole year and the same thing is happening. I don't even know what kind of beetles they are. I just know that they're nowhere to be found and literally 30 seconds later 3 of them come out of nowhere. HOW?! Literally, how is this possible? They don't move fast at all, but they seem to appear out of nowhere.

After doing some quick google work, I found that they may be called a carpet beetle. They're small, brown and they can fly. Is this a type of beetle that's native to Alabama? I've never seen these in Florida, especially inside my house.

How do I get rid of these? Have you ever had this issue at your home? Send me all your answers on our free app chat feature.

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