There are so many things I feel like people don't talk about enough when you become a parent. The baby jerking in their sleep, the 30-minute naps, and the always growing baby nails!

When my son was about 2 months, we noticed that he has scratches on his face and legs from his nails. We had to find a way to prevent these scratches and **cues scary music** trim his nails. I knew that I'd be too scared t do it, so I left it up to mom. I helped by researching the best methods to trim their nails but I didn't trust myself enough to do it. I found that the best way was to trim the nails while the baby was sleeping. We had to strategize because at this point my son was an expert at 30minute naps. so the moment arrived, he was finally sleeping and mom grabbed the special baby nail clippers and got to work. She did it! No injuries, and according to her, it wasn't hard to do at all. Here comes the twist. Two days later, it was time to trim his nails AGAIN!! WHAT?! Why do baby nails grow so fast? Why are they so sharp? It literally is comparable to Wolverine's claws. As soon as you clip them, they grow right back and are sharper than before. I posted a status on Facebook because I was at my wits' end about my son's nails! It wasn't until that post that I realized, I'm not alone. So many other parents literally share my pain.

For all of my new parents, know that your baby's nails will grow quickly so be prepared. You can search the web for special scissors and baby nail clippers to make it easier on you and safe for the baby. You can check out What To Expect for tips on trimming your baby's nails.


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