Talk about being a marksman.

This lady wins the competition!

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I've been living in Alabama for almost four years and I've never been hunting.

For starters, I wouldn't even know where to go hunting and I don't have the right kind of gun.

 I'd also like to go hunting with the right group of people that I can trust.

This Mississippi woman would definitely be in my group. She's 101 years old and she bagged two deer with one shot.

How's that even possible? How long has he been shooting?

I have so many questions.

 According to Whiskey Riff, Bertha Vickers celebrated her 101 birthday and wanted to celebrate in a very special way. Going hunting and I can't be mad at it, especially if you live this long.

Why not celebrate your birthday the way you want to celebrate it originally?

Target with bullet holes

 Bertha doesn't see it as a huge thing. Bertha said "I don't know why everybody is making such a big deal about it. If I'd killed the big buck, I could see it but it was just the doe."

She described the moment when she let off the shot that took down to deer.

Bertha had a clear shot at a doe but wanted to wait for a bigger one. When she spotted the bigger doe she let off a shot not knowing the one shot went through both deer and after that single shot she saw them both laying on the ground.

She said after she let off the single shot, they both dropped right there. They didn't take another step." I knew it was back there but I didn't realize that it was that close to where it could get shot."

Regardless of if she thinks it's a big deal or not, shout out to Bertha for this.

I definitely want to take some hunting tips from her.

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