Every year another holiday video goes viral on the internet. Pranks, lip-synching videos, flash mobs and more all turn into funny, heart-warming, or scary viral videos. I've searched the internet and rounded up some of my favorite viral Christmas videos of the year.


Failed Gift Prank

A father tried to prank his 2-year-old daughter by gifting her a banana for Christmas. The prank backfired when his daughter's pure joy over the banana surprised him!


Travis Scott- Sicko Mode Christmas Lights

Last Christmas, someone had the most amazing idea ever! They created a Christmas light show synched to Travis Scott's hit Sicko Mode, and it went viral!


Nintendo 64!!!!!

This next viral video is rom 1998 but is one of the most amazing, heart-warming videos I've seen during the holiday season. Have you ever got the ONLY gift you ever wanted for Christmas? Check out how this kid reacted when he got a brand new Nintendo 64 for Christmas!


All I Want For Christmas Remix

This is another video from 2018 but it will live on forever! Everyone plays, or dances to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" during the holidays but the way this woman did it can not be topped! She even had a remix to the song! Check it out!



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