There is one thing about going to an HBCU that I love. You will learn how to dress professionally. Stillman encourages their students to dress up weekly.

I've spent many days on the campus of Stillman College. this particular day, I noticed more students dressed up than usual. I'm not talking about a color shirt and slacks. The students were dressed better than me in full suits and pristine business attire.

I spoke with one of the students on why they were dressed up, he told me that every Thursday is Business Thursdays. Stillman Junior, Ahmad Parker says, " Business Thursdays is a way for the students to dress up, and learn the difference between business dress and casual dress. I feel like it's a tradition here Stillman, and I love to see it."


I can think back to my college days and it was always something about seeing students dressed up on certain days. I think it made us perform better in class as well because we felt different. Parker spoke a little about that different feeling saying, "Honestly, dressing up really makes you feel better about yourself. It really does."


I can recall there were always students who couldn't afford or don't have dress clothes. To be honest, at one point I was one of those students. Luckily, at Stillman College, they have what's called the Career Closet.


Clothes are donated to the Career Closet by area businesses, Faculty members and even students donate clothes.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate to Stillman's Career Closet, you're asked to contact Justin James at

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