Could this be the most outrageous yet coolest thing seen at a wedding? This video might take the cake, in a good way because sis showed out!


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I came across a memory of a video sent to me from a fellow wedding DJ.

He sent me a Twitter video with the caption "Look at what this Bride did with the microphone at her wedding."

Immediately I figured it was about to be something horribly bad because in our profession, when someone grabs the microphone, it's rarely something good that follows.


Gladly, I found out I was wrong.

There was nothing bad about this video, it was actually good!

The Bride grabbed the mic at her reception and started dropping bars! Not even mediocre bars. They were A1.

This bride has people preparing their wedding bars after the video hit Twitter.

Maybe you caught yourself watching the video and bopping like this.


This isn't the only Bride to grab the mic and spit bars at her wedding. Any Lil Wayne fans?

A rapping bride is even better when all of the bridesmaids have her back like this.


Would you ever rap at your wedding reception? What about a rap battle between your bridal party. Do you think that's a good or bad idea?


I think that whatever the bride and groom decide to do on their day is completely acceptable.

The point of the day is for them to be as happy as possible while celebrating their new union. I'd personally love to see more brides enjoy themselves like this on their wedding day,

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