Ok, so full transparency, I spent too much time on Twitter today. Here's what I ran into.

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As I was doom scrolling on Twitter, I came across some University of Alabama football players' pages. As a relatively new Crimson Tide I was intrigued because admittedly, I still don't know too many players on the team. Don't be mad at me though, I'm learning more players every day.

As I searched through the Twitterverse to find more players, I came across a tweet from a player that shocked me. It was simple and asked for help from the Alabama fans. "I know bama nation can get me to 7k EASYY," Alabama Defensive Lineman Jamil Burroughs tweeted.

The tweet was posted just one day after the Crimson Tide became SEC Champions.

There has been some progress in the days after the original tweet was sent. There are over 120 retweets so far and the replies all seem to be in support of helping Burroughs reach his goal.



At the time of writing, Burroughs is at 6,914 followers on his Twitter page. That's less than  100 more new followers to reach his goal of 7k.

So my question is, does this happen often? Do Crimson Tide athletes roll out the bat signal and call on the fans for social media help more often than not? Either way, I love it. The support and the excitement from the fans are something amazing to see.

Here's to Jamil Burroughs getting way more than 7k when it's all said and done.

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