Capitol Park Is A Great Lunch Escape

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The one thing I absolutely love about living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the abundance of green spaces.  Seriously, there are so many parks in West Alabama.  I call myself a part-time outdoors person.  I like to be outdoors but not in the hiking through the woods sense.  I enjoy nature, as long as I don’t have to sit on the ground.

Some of my favorite parks are Annette M. Shelby Park, Government Plaza, the Van De Graff Arboretum, and now my newest addition, the Capitol Park, located at 2828 6th Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401.  I found it by accident while searching for the perfect fireworks viewing spot in the city and quickly fell in love.

If you need a great place to eat your lunch in the middle of the day, head over to Capitol Park.  I always keep two folding chairs in my car, because you never know when adventure can strike.  So, I put out my chairs, grab my lunch bag or to-go order, and set up shop for a quick escape.  It was nice to relax, unplug (even for 20 minutes), and take a moment to enjoy what Tuscaloosa has to offer.  This is where I sat at today, it was lovely!

Capitol Park Pix 2 - Tuscaloosa, AL
Capitol Park - Tuscaloosa, AL - 8.6.2020

Of course, I had to do some research on the “why” behind Capitol Park.  According to Visit Tuscaloosa, “this park was the site of the Alabama Capitol when Tuscaloosa was the seat of state government from 1826-1846. In 1847 the capitol was moved to Montgomery, and the building became the home of the Alabama Central Female College. A visible reminder of the old capitol building that burned in 1923 is the stone foundation and two small columns.”  Today, I was the only person out there and enjoyed the quiet time.  There is a vast green space, artifacts, and lots of beautiful trees to provide plenty of shade.

(Source) For more from Visit Tuscaloosa, click here.

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