My first time hearing a Juice Wrld song was the Summer of 2018. I was volunteering at a camp with young men who were in middle school and high school. They were shocked that I knew some of the rap artists they like and I especially liked this new kid Juice Wrld and his new single "Lucid Dreams." We'd sing that song together multiple times a day. To this day, that song is special to me because me and those young men built a bond during that camp and Juice Wrld's song was the spark that lit the beginning of our bond that summer. It's beyond sad to see such a young and talented artist pass away so soon.

Today I'll be celebrating the life and music of Juice Wrld inside the 5 O'Clock Turn Up Mix. You can join the celebration inside our free app! Download the 1051 The Block app, click LISTEN LIVE then tap that message button send me a message.


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