A Fayette County school principal who was charged with tampering back in February 2024, will no longer face charges.

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According to Action News 5, Dr. Fabre Ford, the principal of Southwest Elementary, was accused of not reporting the assault of a teacher who was hit in the head with a metal thermos by a student.

The charges of tampering with evidence have been dropped against Dr. Fabre Ford.

Following the arrest, Fayette County Public Schools released the following statement:

"Dr. Fabre Ford is the Principal at Southwest Elementary School. She is extremely passionate about her staff and students. A valued employee, Dr. Ford is highly regarded by staff, students, and parents.

We are disheartened by these allegations relating to an incident at Southwest Elementary School. As a district, we will be transparent and cooperate fully with law enforcement. We ask for patience and respect as the investigation regarding the incident is conducted. We are fully committed to working with law enforcement to resolve this matter quickly."

According to Action News 5, a school resource officer reported that the teacher was sent home due to a possible concussion. Dr. Ford allegedly told the SRO that the incident was being handled, but investigators said she refused to provide any information about it.

District Attorney Mark Davidson says that after a subpoena, the school district provided all the evidence needed for the investigation and that upon review, Dr. Ford’s charges were dropped and the DA’s Office decided not to proceed with the case according to Action News 5.

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