There is one word that I really don't like to throw around so loosely. You never know who you're offending; quite frankly, everyone's definition is different.

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That word is DUMB.

After looking at the results of this study, some might consider this place the dumbest city in the state.

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I'd rather say, it's just the least educated city.

2023's Most and Least Educated Cities In The United States

Wallet Hub recently determined where the most educated Americans are using their hard-earned degrees.

To come up with the rankings, Wallet Hub said they compared the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas, across 11 key metrics.  Those metrics included:

  • Quality of Education Gap
  • Racial Education Gap
  • Average Quality of Universities
  • Share of Adults Aged 25 and older with a High School Diploma or Higher
  • Share of Adults Aged 25 and older with a Graduate or Professional Degree
  • Enrolled Students in the Top 1,015 Universities per Capita

Alabama's Education System

It's no secret that Alabama's education system could use a major overhaul.

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Alabama's Least Educated City

The Wallet Hub study has the least educated city in Alabama listed as Mobile, Alabama.

Out of the 150 cities listed, Mobile was listed as city number 130.

Other cities that made the list include Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville. Find out where those cities were listed by clicking here to see the full results of the study.

Top 10 Best and Worst Public Schools in Tuscaloosa County

The rankings for this gallery were based on the 2018- 2019 Alabama Department of Education School Report Cards for the Tuscaloosa City School District and the Tuscaloosa County School District. This data was used because many categories in the report card for 2019-2020 was waived due to the pandemic. In the event of a tie, the schools with the same overall score were ranked by academic achievement scores. In all other cases of a tie, the schools were listed alphabetically.

Gallery Credit: Tessa Worley | Townsquare Media

Tuscaloosa's High School Football Programs

Here are some of the high school football programs located in or around the Druid City!

Central High School Showcases Student Entrepreneurs

Gallery Credit: DreDay

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