Check Out This Alabama Dive Park We Bet You Didn't Know About 

The weather will be warming up soon and summer will be here. Are you ready to hit the water park?

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Back home in Florida waterparks were a common thing. I have noticed it gets just as hot in Alabama as it does in Florida. for the summer heat, you need some water to cool you off! Since I moved to Alabama, I haven't been able to find any waterparks. Until now.

Have you heard about Pelham's Blue Water Park? Just a short drive from Tuscaloosa, this water park is well worth the ride. The summer is right around the corner and that means peak season for water activities.

Blue Water Park is a quarry that has been converted into a fully functioning dive facility. The park is open to divers of all levels, kayakers, and paddleboarders. They even offer scuba certification classes and paddle board yoga classes throughout the summer months. Pro tip: paddleboarding is a full workout! They even have dive sites for scuba divers!


I'm happy to hear about a dive place in Alabama that's not too far. I've always wanted to scuba dive and take a dip into some deep waters. The closest I've come is hitting flips in the  Cerro, Ciudad De La Habana in Cuba.


The Blue Water Park is open from April through October only on the weekends. They will be having their opening weekend April 9th-11th, 2021. They posted their opening weekend hours on their Facebook page.

If you'd like more info on Blue Water Park, click here to visit their website. 


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