Choose Songs For A Throwback R&B CD

So this morning I started thinking about my middle school days and all of a sudden went down memory lane. Am I the only one that remembers downloading music on Limewire?

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Back in middle school, I was a whole entrepreneur! I had an unofficial business where I would burn CD's for kids at my school. I had a whole list of options for them to choose from.

One of the options was a mixed CD with all of the popular hip hop and r&b songs on them. There were a few of those then I had the new hot albums that I would sell too. I specifically remember Dru Hill is one of the albums I would sell. Lol! This was back in the early 2000's. Do you remember the fashion back then?






In case you're wondering how I got access to all of this music, it was all thanks to dial-up internet. Waiting until my mom or brothers were off of the phone, and spending a few hours searching and downloading music. The crazy thing is, we now know that it was all illegal. Most people downloaded music using Limewire, or Bearshare. They're both free file sharing programs that caused ungodly amounts of computer viruses.

Since I'm in a throwback mood and it's Throwback Thursday, I need your help!

I want to make a throwback hip hop & R&B CD. Well, it's going to be a playlist since we're in 2021. Lol! What songs should be on it? Below are my artists suggestions but I need more!

The Perfect Throwback Hip Hop & R&B Playlist

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