City Girls- The Series Is A Must Watch

Two young ladies from Miami, Florida have become almost overnight superstars. They hit the music industry by surprise and have taken over since the start. After prison time, pregnancies, public backlash, and more, the group is still standing strong. City Girls- The Series gives a behind the scenes look at how they handled all the challenges in the music industry and dealing with regular life issues.

A year ago I came across a video claiming to be a City Giros documentary. I swore it was fake because they'd just began to rise to fame. Who would make a documentary right when they get famous?! Well, I watched the real documentary and learned so much about Caresha & Jatavia. The documentary starts when the ladies being signed to one of the biggest record labels just 11 months after recording their first song. Just ONE SONG! Who does that?

It showed the moment when they heard their vocals featured on the massive hit song "In My Feelings" with the biggest rap star ever, Drake. The behind the scenes footage is so eye-opening and you can truly see these are genuine young ladies who are chasing their dreams. Then, things take a turn for the worse. Jatavia has to go serve a two-year prison sentence less than a day after one of the biggest moments of their career thus far. It was only 18 hours until  Jatavia had to turn herself in, yet they're in the care hearing the Drake song for the first time celebrating.

I'm about 3 episodes in and it's getting real. While Jatavia is away, the documentary shows Caresha on tour performing on her own keeping the group's name alive then all of a sudden, she has a secret. She is pregnant! She still performs, goes through her ups and downs but not without public criticism. I think this is where I really started to feel for her. I imagined my wife being on tour and performing while she was pregnant with our son. Pregnancy is hard on it's own, but adding a tour schedule is insane!

I'm not done with the documentary yet, but I'm definitely hooked. This group faces a lot of backlash for their content and image so I like how this documentary shows the human side of them. They have real-life issues just like we do and they just want to chase their dreams and care for their family. I highly recommend this documentary if you'd like to know more about the City Girls.

Here's episode one. Be careful! You might get hooked as I did.


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