Clouds are magnificent because they provide us with artwork in the sky.

The fact that clouds force you to use your imagination is thrilling to me.  Some of my best memories with my mother are lying in the backyard, sitting on the beach, or on road trips where we spent time looking at the sky and calling out what the clouds represented, “I see a tree, someone running, a bus, crab, a boxer, a mouse” and more, the list was endless.

As a weather enthusiast, I must share that clouds also serve essential roles in our earth-atmosphere system.  According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, they noted four reasons why clouds are important:

  1. Clouds help regulate Earth's energy balance by reflecting and scattering solar radiation and by absorbing Earth's infrared energy.
  2. Clouds are required for precipitation to occur and, hence are an essential part of the hydrologic cycle.
  3. Clouds indicate what type of atmospheric processes are occurring (e.g., cumulus clouds indicate surface heating and atmospheric turbulence).
  4. Clouds help redistribute extra heat from the equator toward the poles.”

I enjoy everything that clouds have to offer me from the science perspective and boosting my creative imagination.  Take some time out today and look up to the sky.  You never know what artwork will be at your viewing pleasure.  Also, it is a great stress reliever too.  Be sure to check out my collection of amazing cloud formations below (some are rare).

(Source) For more from the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, click here.

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Clouds: Artwork In The Sky

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