College Students Willing To Give Up Social Media To Be On Campus

It's no secret that  COVID-19 has created a new norm for college students around the nation. You won't believe what students would do just to have a normal year.

Thinking back to my college days, living on campus and being able to hang out on campus was a major part of my college experience. The whole college life experience is a huge reason why a lot of people want to go to college. Parties, fraternities, and sororities, tailgating and just hanging out with friends on campus are all unforgettable experiences.

Imagine going into your sophomore, junior, or senior year and all of those things are snatched away from you. That's pretty much how students feel with the onset of COVID-19. Distance learning is the new standard and not all students like it.

Grand Canyon University conducted a study to find out exactly what students would give up to get back to a normal semester at college. Could you believe students would actually be willing to give up some of their favorite social media apps just to get back to campus for a semester? Up to 30% of those surveyed would give up social media apps to get back on campus for a semester. Those apps include Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and more!

Here are more stats from this Grand Canyon University study:

  • 57.3% of students surveyed say they’d rather take an additional exam in each of their courses during a semester if it meant going back to campus for a semester. 
  • Additionally, 54% would sacrifice spring breaks for the remainder of their college career in order to go back to campus for the remainder of their college career.
  • Only 20.8% of students surveyed expressed no desire to return and seem to be content with a virtual college experience.
  • The majority of students are willing to trade their phones, AirPods, Spotify, or exercising to go back to campus for the mont

Students in Tuscaloosa won't have to give up anything for the next semester if they attend the University of Alabama. Earlier this week it was decided that The University of Alabama will return to normal, full-time, in-person instruction with no restrictions on classroom capacity next semester.

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