The ancient practice of baby wearing has become popularized in recent years and the bug has bitten me. I love wearing my baby!

At first, Mom thought I was joking about being excited to use a baby carrier or baby wrap but she's recently found out how wrong she's been. Back when I broadcasted from Nuppy's crib, I wore the baby pretty much all week. I've even recently begun to research Baby wearing Facebook groups. One group I joined called Baby Wearing Swap & Shop has over 40k members! It's amazing to see how much the culture of baby wearing has become so popular. There are even Instagram pages dedicated to baby wearing.




I'm glad there are other people who love to wear their baby and especially other men. I'll be using the hashtag #BabyWearingDads a lot! If you're interested in baby wearing just remember these rules I found on The Baby Wearing Practice to keep baby safe while wearing.


✓  T – Tight

The sling or carrier should be tight with your child positioned in a high and upright position.  Any looseness can cause your baby to slump, restricting their breathing.

✓  I – In view at all times

By just tilting your head down you should be able to see your baby’s face to check that their airway is clear.  Their nose and mouth should be uncovered and not blocked by the carrier, sling or your body.

✓  C – Close enough to Kiss

You should be able to tip your head forward to easily kiss the top of your baby’s head.  If your child is on your back you should be able to tilt your head back and touch the top of their head

✓  K – Keep chin off chest

Your child’s chin should remain up and away from their body.  They should never be in a curled position where their chin is forced onto their chest as it may restrict their breathing.  Check now and check often!  Babies can be in distress without making any noise or movement

S – Supported back

Your baby should be held in a supported, natural position with their tummy and chest against you.


(Source) for more information on safe baby wearing practices click here.

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