It’s that time of year where hearing explosions outside is normal. Especially in Alabama, but can we please stay on schedule?

The 4th of July is right around the corner and believe it or not, people have already begun lighting fireworks. This past weekend, I was riding home and see a light shoot up in the sky. At first, I panicked. It didn’t hit me that the 4th of July was so close. Then I thought about it and realized that it wasn’t that close. We had a whole week until the day was actually here.
I don’t mean to be a buzzkill or a 4th of July scrooge but, can we wait until like 2 days before to start this? The last thing I expect to see outside a week before the 4th is flashing lights outside my window.
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While we're on the topic, exactly how much fireworks are people buying?  I'm not counting anyone's pockets or anything but growing up, we each had a box of the pop snappers, sparklers, and maybe two large fireworks. Nowhere close to enough to have for a whole week before the actual 4th of July. Now that I think about it, I have a good idea of how much people are buying. 
I recall my first July 4th in Alabama, I found out just how much Alabamians love fireworks. A study revealed that the state of Alabama uses more fireworks than almost any other state! 
Next year,  I guess I'll just be prepared a week ahead of the 4th so I won't be caught off-guard. Lol! 

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