Today I was thinking of some of my favorite tv shows I loved watching. Family Matters is definitely one of the top shows on my list!

The show left me with so many questions. Like how did they find Steve Urkel? Whats the name of the theme song? If I had to guess, I'd call the song "Days go by," lol! Well I did some digging and found some inside information about the show Family Matter.


Family Matters was a spin-off show from ABC's Perfect Strangers. 




Steve Urkel Was Never Supposed To Be On The Show Long Term

During a Family Matters reunion with EW, Jaleel White, who plays the character Steve Urkel, revealed he was only supposed to be in the first episode of Family Matters. The character took off out of no where and the audience loved him so much they had to make him a main part of the show.


The Theme Song Is Called "As Days Go By"

The original theme song for the show was Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World," but only for the first 5 episodes. The well known theme song is performed by Jesse Frederick, and is called "As Days Go By." Jesse also performs the theme songs for the shows Full house, Perfect Strangers & Step By Step.

This was one of my favorite shows growing up and I had so much fun finding little secrets about the show. I found sooo many more but I'd be writing for days lol! Maybe I'll do a part two soon??

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