I don't consider myself an expert on the grill but I'm qualified enough to have this conversation. Do people in Alabam have a grill preference?

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So far we've had a few holidays pass in the year and people have been out on their grills. Every time I pass someone using a grill I see the same type. The grill is always charcoal.

Let me just start off by saying, I currently use a charcoal grill so I don't have too many bad things to say. I'm just wondering why everyone uses them here. My neighbors, everyone I've ever seen grill in this state has used charcoal grills.

Back home in Florida, we kind of frown upon the propane grills but we use them when there's no other choice. The go-to method is to use a smoker. I'm great at using a smoker but I'm used to huge smoker grills and my current living situation won't allow that.

Do the grill experts in Alabama use smokers? What about gas grills?

What's the hype behind using only charcoal? I see no problem with it but I'm just curious. I know when I do use my charcoal grill, I have to use some kind of wood in my grill. I think it's because I'm so accustomed to using a smoker. The lack of smoke using a charcoal grill is a relief versus using a smoker though.

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So let's hear it. Do people in Alabama prefer to use a charcoal grill over the others? Why or why not?


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