My neighbor in my townhouse community bought his townhouse with the specific intention to turn it into an Airbnb. Different cars are parked in their driveway every weekend, and loud music is heard coming from the 2 bedrooms across the street almost every weekend.

The loud music doesn’t bother me personally, but it is sort of “ghetto,” to be honest, and no one wants to see their subdivision turn into a housing project. There is nothing wrong with a housing project – there are plenty of good, honest people living in them. But this is the property that I bought with my own money, so I expect a little more.

As far as I’m concerned, the real issue is that what this townhouse owner is doing is against the HOA rules.  Most condo and townhouse communities have a limit on how many units can be turned into rentals. Owners want to live next door to other owners because owners care more about the property than renters and, even worse, Airbnb guests who are not invested in the property. The theory is that more renters equal higher crime.

There is no sense of community when your neighbors change every week. You might say, “Paranoid much?” but is it really? Don’t we all want to feel safe?

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I thought of moving and renting my unit out, but the HOA won’t allow any more leases, and definitely no Airbnb’s. So why should the guy across the street be able to break the rules, and I can’t? Should I snitch on him? Snitching goes against every fiber of my being because I’m not a “hater.” This is why I haven’t so far. Would you? Hit me up on the free WTUG App.

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