For anyone saying there's not enough cool things to do in Tuscaloosa, this is just for you.  This event I just discovered is completely free and happens once a month in downtown Tuscaloosa.

This morning I was speaking with someone and they told me about a free art walk event in Tuscaloosa that I've never heard of before. complimentary wine, champagne, great art and it's all held downtown.

How has this even been going on and I've never heard of it?

A completely free event with live music, local artists, galleries and more? I'm ashamed I've never been.



Although there is plenty to enjoy on the Art Walk, patrons are encouraged to visit nearby galleries and other businesses that are all within walking distance of the Art Walk.


Some of those galleries and business include:

Lorrie Lane Studio

The Paul R. Jones Museum

Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center

Druid City Makerspace

Harrison Galleries

The Kentuck Gallery at Hotel Indigo

Art Garage

If you're like me and missed the May First Friday Art Walk, don't miss the Art Walk in June. It happens every first Friday of the month so the next one will be June 7th, 2024.

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